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What’s Next for Your c7000 Infrastructure? Extending or Upgrading?

Chris Clark

27 July, 2021

The BL460 Gen10 is blade server is designed for multiple configurations and is a trusted system to be used in numerous different data center deployments. Utilizing the HPE OneView management platform, your business performance will be sped up with the with the capabilities that provide ultimate optimization. The BL460 Gen10s run on Intel Xeon scalable series processors that hold industry leading performance as well as durability to trust your critical applications to run on these machines. BL460 Gen10’s will support both the 2666MT/s as well as the 2933 depending on which processor family you will be running (Skylake or Cascade Lake) Deploying BL460 Gen10s will provide more space in your environment, centralized management systems, with easier installations than some of their rackmount opponents. Less cabling will lead to a cleaner rack as well as expansion options to grow your blade environment to support your business operations without disruption.  

The End of an Era

HPE quit shipping their HPE BL460 Gen10 line in late 2020. HPE is wanting their customers to forklift upgrade into their Synergy platform. We all know though that it isn’t so easy to spend thousands of dollars on a new technology with a snap of a finger. Data centers have been scrambling to decide on how to move forward. Extend or upgrade?  


Many customers, are trying to find ways to extend the life of their Blade environment by turning to companies like V3 to fill their requirements. Unfortunately, supply is very limited and with any limited supply constraints, prices go way up. V3 has helped many customers ease the panic of what do I do, by supplying them with used HPE Gen10 blades to get them by until they decide on how to move forward with their data center in the long run. Whether that is adding more blades, or doing upgrades on the memory and CPU’s our inventory has allowed companies to take a breather.  


Once companies decide on an upgrade path for the future, V3 will also look at purchasing those Gen10 blades back. Using our Reverse Logistics team and our buyback program, we make things seamless when you are looking to sell your products. We will offer top dollar in the form of cash, credit, or on consignment.  

What are you doing with your HPE Blade Environment?

Let us know how we can help ease your panic - reach out today for a quote or buy back numbers.