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What is Cisco Excess Refurbished?

Joe Palasek

18 July, 2023

Have you heard of Cisco Excess Refurbished Product? Cisco Excess is a specially designated product suite offered by Cisco so customers can purchase Cisco-approved used equipment more efficiently. Only a handful of companies have this customer relationship with Cisco, and V3 is the largest provider of Cisco Excess products in the United States.


What is Cisco Excess Refurbished?

The Cisco Excess offering is product that is surplus to Cisco’s requirements and offered through a select group of Excess Refurbished Customers (ahem, like V3). These companies are permitted to resell Excess within the secondary market and are not traditional Cisco Authorized Partners.


What Separates Cisco Excess from Used & Refurbished Equipment?

  • Used inventory that includes a valid version of the IOS loaded and relicensed by Cisco
  • Identified by the –WS Part Number, Cisco Excess labelling on the package, and a sticker on the physical product itself
  • Fully functional, but may include minor cosmetic imperfections and/or an older OS version as compared to remanufactured (-RF) units
  • Eligible for Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service, and subject to Cisco’s Smart Net policies. Smart Net must be purchased through a Cisco Authorized Partner
  • Product that is surplus to Cisco's authorized channel requirements and liquidated on to the open market as part of their Circular Economy initiatives


Why Do V3 Customers Love Cisco Excess Refurbished?


High-Quality & Authenticity

Cisco puts this product through an exhaustive remanufacturing process, getting it as close to like-new condition as possible.


Past Generation Availability

Do you have a customer with requirements for older equipment? Cisco excess is an excellent choice for getting equipment that is several generations back from new and still eligible for new Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service.


Large Cisco Excess Inventory

We stock multiple lines of equipment from the Excess Refurbished Program. From top of rack switches to desktop phones and everything in between, including the newer UCS M6 products and Nexus switching.



V3 Distribution is proudly the largest provider of Cisco Excess in the United States, and we have the warehouse to prove it. Our millions in on-hand inventory allows us to custom configure any solution to fit your customers’ needs and still be able to ship it out in a matter of days.

Let us help you win more deals with Cisco Excess Refurbished!