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Welcome to Barden!

Jeff Stevens

23 March, 2022

Welcome to Barden!


As the need for additional warehouse and operations space became abundantly clear, we began our journey to find just the right location that would allow us to continue to grow and serve increasing customer demands. It had to be by the airport, FedEx and UPS hubs, and very close to our main campus because of all the deliveries and runs between locations. We also had technical and operation staffing, and shift rotations to figure out.


The list of things that needed to get done always seemed to grow. It took several months of planning, facility upgrades, and infrastructure investments but we finally got it done and moved into our new home in January.


We’re happy to report we’ve settled in nicely, met our new neighbors and even have a cozy fireplace in the office! Our only regret is that we didn’t go big enough. That’s OK, we’ve got first dibs on the adjacent spaces!