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Turn Dusty Equipment into Pretty Pennies with V3

V3 Distribution

14 December, 2022

Technology solutions can be become very complex, very quickly, and when your core business is built on the financing of numerous asset types ranging from construction machinery to data center servers, it’s critical to have industry specific partners that know their respective markets.


Details! Details! Details!

Our team of asset management experts will work with you to get the highest possible resale value for your decommissioned data center equipment. We'll audit the equipment for you and provide detailed reporting of your assets, down to the component level.


Detailed Component Level Audits:

When we receive your technology assets, we follow these steps to ensure accuracy each time:

  1. Immediately take pictures upon receipt to verify condition
  2. Test equipment for functionality
  3. Break down equipment to the component level and capture every serial. (Why do we do this? Keep reading!)
  4. Send off detailed audit report


Component Level Remarketing

When remarketing data center assets, most of the value is in the components (think processors, memory, controllers, etc.). By separating the components, it allows us to sell your assets faster and for more money as it broadens the market of potential buyers compared to a specific configuration meant for a specific use case.


Sales-Out Reporting

Each month we send out a detailed report of the sold assets, so you know exactly how much $$ to expect.


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