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Sourcing & Understanding Dell 15th Gen Servers with V3

Josh Riffe

20 April, 2022

Sourcing Dell’s latest generation of servers in a timely manner and trying to understand all the possibilities for configurations can be a rough terrain to navigate. Fortunately, V3 is in a position to help.


V3 Distribution has both used and Certified Refurbished stock on Dell 15th generation servers ready to be custom configured for your customer’s needs. This new generation of servers offer worthy upgrades including:    

  • Supporting Intel’s and AMD’s newest processors
  • A hot-swappable boss card
  • New PERC controller cards
  • OCP 3.0 cards replacing daughter cards.  


As the number of possible customizations has grown, so has the complexity of building these servers. Have you seen the number of backplane and cable routing options? It’s a bit overwhelming. This is why our team has spent countless hours documenting and learning all the new configurations and what it takes to build them.


With product on-hand and our extensive knowledge of all things Dell, V3 Distribution is your one-stop-shop for sourcing all your Dell product needs.