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Manufacturer Refurbished Hardware: Everything You Need to Know

Kyle Whitaker

30 August, 2023

At V3 Distribution, we offer a distinctive advantage over our competitors due to our long-established relationships with HPE, Dell, and Cisco that allows us to provide refurbished hardware with a full manufacturer warranty. By choosing our premium refurbished hardware, value-added resellers (VARs) gain access to cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality or warranty coverage.


Why Do V3 Customers Buy Refurbished?

Cost Savings

Certified refurbished equipment offers significant cost savings allowing businesses to acquire high-quality equipment at a fraction of the price of new hardware.


The hardware goes through an extensive refurbishment process by the OEM and is restored to like-new condition - surpassing industry standards for refurbished hardware.


What Makes V3 Refurbished Gear Different from Other Refurbished Gear?

When it comes to data center hardware, the benefits of purchasing refurbished equipment are undeniable. However, not all refurbished gear is created equally and not all resellers have as strong of a relationship as we have with HPE, Dell, and Cisco.


We stock multiple lines of equipment from the Cisco Excess Refurbished Program. From top of rack switches to desktop phones and everything in between, including the newer UCS M6 products and Nexus switching.

  • Identified by the –WS Part Number, Cisco Excess label on the packaging, and a sticker on the physical product itself
  • Used inventory that includes a valid version of the IOS loaded and licensed by Cisco
  • Fully functional, but may include minor cosmetic imperfections and/or an older OS version as compared to remanufactured (-RF) units
  • Eligible for Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service, and subject to Cisco’s Smart Net policies. Smart Net must be purchased through a Cisco Authorized Partner
  • Product that is surplus to Cisco's authorized channel requirements and liquidated on to the open market as part of their Circular Economy initiatives



At V3 our Dell inventory is fully stocked with 14G and 15G products along will all the components that go with it. Not only are you getting Dell Certified gear, but you also get a 5YR 8x5 NBD Warranty on all server purchases – two years longer than the standard new warranty!

  • Comes in like-new condition after an exhaustive remanufacturing process through Dell
  • Eligible for any type of ProSupport your customer needs
  • Comes with the same warranty as new, which can be looked up via the asset tag
  • When V3 sells the equipment we provide config updates to Dell so there is no lapse in warranty
  • V3 is a sales-out partner, which means that your channel rep will get paid on the purchase



As an Authorized HPE Distributor of both Renew and Replacement Parts (Spares), V3 carries about 2 million dollars in certified and new gear. With Renew, we stock Gen10 and Gen10+ ProLiant servers, along with all the options needed to build those servers out. With Spares, we offer HPE’s entire line of servers, storage, and networking equipment – from whole systems down to the individual components. Both Renew and Spares come with the same warranty from HPE as you get when you buy new.

  • Goes through an exhaustive remanufacturing process at HPE
  • Comes in like-new condition, HPE box included
  • Has full manufacturer warranty and is Care Pack eligible
  • V3 is a sales-out partner, ensuring your channel rep gets paid


Next time you're in need of data center hardware, consider the advantages of buying certified refurbished from V3 Distribution. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a full warranty, reliable performance, and unbeatable value.


Contact us today to explore the possibilities!