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Long Lead Times, Price Increases, & Sky-High Demand

Kyle Whitaker

25 February, 2022

How the global supply chain issue is affecting the Cisco Networking market and how V3 Distribution can help


After almost two years since the pandemic started, most consumers now-a-days are used to seeing long lead times and increased prices on things like cars, furniture, wood, and electronics. It seems every market is struggling to keep up with demand and Cisco, the global leader in networking hardware, is no exception.


At V3 Distribution, we’re seeing the strongest demand in nearly a decade for data center hardware. We are also experiencing an incredibly unique set of challenges. Lingering supply issues, ongoing chip shortages, chemical fires, and the like have all forced companies to pay higher prices for silicone. Accompanied with higher freight costs and an increase in demand from customers, manufactures have been forced to increase prices on their hardware.


Even with manufactures taking steps to get hardware delivered as soon as possible, many customers are still waiting on gear to arrive that was ordered months ago. They often experience manufactures push back their delivery dates, time and time again. Increasingly. IT professionals are forced to put off major networking projects - or scrap them altogether.


With all the issues disrupting supply chains, V3 Distribution is poised to help customers who need quality product now. V3 Distribution stocks over $2M in Cisco hardware across multiple lines, ranging from Catalyst Switches to UCS servers, and memory. Our diligent product management team saw the supply chain issues arising at the start of the pandemic and planned ahead to ensure sufficient stock. This has enabled V3 to continue to meet demand in a timely manner – we can often step in and fulfill client orders in hours, saving them months of waiting.


At V3 Distribution, our first order of business is helping you with yours.

If you are one of the thousands experiencing delays in your IT hardware acquisition, reach out and see for yourself how V3 can deliver custom solutions faster than you ever thought possible!