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IT Industry: Working Around the Global Supply Chain Turmoil

Melissa Scheidel

13 July, 2021

It is no secret that there is a supply chain shortage everywhere you look. From lumber to processor shortages, every day I hear about another consumer good that is facing a shortage. Experts predict that we’ll likely be dealing with shortages well into 2023. To stay competitive in this new normal, companies are looking for workarounds to help them prepare for sustained supply chain interruptions.

Disrupting the Technology Marketplace

The data center world is no stranger to shortages in the market, but the scale and duration we’re seeing now is something new. Over the last four months, we have seen an increasing demand for customers needing data center hardware. Whether that demand is due to budgets being allocated elsewhere in 2020, expanding AI environments, or building out infrastructure to handle the growing number of virtual employees, data center gear is hot right now.

Bottlenecks are Driving Up Prices & Lead Times

With this increasing demand and the semiconductor shortage, it should be no surprise that prices are trending upward. Many manufacturers are increasing list price by 15-30% depending on the product. Not only are prices going up, but the lead times are as well. What used to take a matter of days to get now takes weeks, or even months.

Shortcut to Bypass Manufacturer Lead Times

V3 Distribution thrives in these environments and situations. As a stocking company, V3 Distribution has ramped up our inventory volumes. With a collective eight million dollars of inventory, spread between HPE, Dell EMC, and Cisco, we can help alleviate some of the supply chain affects resellers and VARs are feeling from the normal distribution channels they might already work with. With our abundance of inventory, V3 Distribution can typically custom configure a solution in a matter of days, rather than the weeks or months that the manufacturer is telling you it could take.

If you’re struggling with shortages, extended lead times, and skyrocketing prices - contact us today and discover how V3 can help.