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FAQ When buying from V3

Josh Tufts

23 January, 2024

V3 Distribution stands as a leading Tier 1 Distributor specializing in Dell Certified Refurbished, HPE Spare Parts, HPE Renew, and serving as a Cisco Excess customer. Working with V3 grants you entry to a comprehensive inventory exceeding 6 million dollars, featuring top-notch remanufactured products fully supported by the channel.


Do I need a deal registration to purchase from V3?

Nope! If you don't secure deal registration with an OEM and need a competitive pricing alternative for your customers, consider turning to V3 for high-quality, like-new products.


Do my Channel Representatives get paid?

Yes, your channel representatives get paid! Working with us allows your representative to receive their cut and not be left out during the deal. V3 sends monthly sales-out reporting to each OEM so their reps are credited for the appropriate sales.


What condition is the product?

V3 collaborates closely with OEMs to provide you with like-new products directly sourced from the manufacturers. We are continually exploring new ways to assist you in incentivizing your customers to explore like-new product solutions at a reduced price.


What type of warranty comes with the product?

All products come with the same warranty as new from the manufacturer. These products are tested directly at the manufacturer and sent to V3. When purchasing with V3 Distribution, you have access to over six million dollars of high-quality recertified products, all 100% backed by the channel OEM’s.


How much can I expect to save?

Whether it’s Cisco, Dell, or HPE, you can expect to save 60-80% on OEM remanufactured products when compared to new. Our customers also benefit from our expertise in custom configured solutions, resulting in cost savings for their customers and reduced lead times.


The V3 Difference

Collaborating with V3 Distribution ensures more than just manufacturer-backed hardware; it guarantees reliable technology delivered by a team that cares. This translates to not only cost savings on like-new hardware, but also equipment that undergoes thorough testing and is meticulously configured to meet your exact specifications.