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Advantages of Deploying the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches

Kyle Whitaker

20 July, 2021

Since its release in the Summer of 2017, the Catalyst 9000 product line has been the:

  • Fastest product ramp up in Cisco History
  • Quickest product line to surpass $1 billion in quarterly run rate
  • Winner of the CRN Product of the Year...twice

So, what exactly are the advantages of deploying Cat9K switches you may ask?  

Top 5 Reasons Companies are Making the “Switch”:

1. Advanced Level of Security

Cisco’s state of the art Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) gives users visibility into threats in encrypted traffic without the need for decryption.  

2. Programmability Offers Quicker Response to Change

As business needs change, so should your network. With Cat9K, you can run 3rd party container-hosted applications that provide peak flexibility & the upmost security.  

3. Enhanced Mobility

Catalyst 9000 offers converged network services through policy, security, and encrypted traffic segmentation for both IoT devices & users.  

4. IoT Management

The Cat9K family utilizes Universal Power over Ethernet (UPOE/UPOE+) & Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) to provide critical power to all of your IoT devices and ensure they are always on & secured for the rest of your network.  

5. Cloud Ready

Easily protect & revamp your cloud environment with Cisco’s DevOps toolkit. The DevOps tool allows you to manage & create apps that are hosted on the switch or in a container based hosted environment.

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