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2024 Market Insights: The Future of the IT Industry

Kyle Whitaker

24 April, 2024

The United Network Equipment Dealer Association (UNEDA), comprised of over 300 top secondary market suppliers, recently held its annual conference in Las Vegas to network & promote best practices, combat counterfeit products, and share market insights. We sent a few members of our team to attend, and here are some highlights we gathered about the future of the industry:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Has the Potential to Change the IT Industry as a Whole

AI is poised to have a large impact on the market for enterprise hardware, driving demand for specialized AI accelerators such as GPU’s, edge computing solutions, AI-enabled hardware platforms, and customized hardware solutions tailored to specific AI applications and industries.


Cisco Is No Longer The “Big Gorilla” In the Networking Space

Many companies are starting to stock & sell other OEM’s (Arista, Juniper, Aruba) with a lot of success. Cisco’s market share is slowly decreasing as end users are looking for more user-friendly, cost-effective alternatives.


Post Covid Availability Is Getting Better

The struggle of product availability, that hindered the market during the pandemic, is starting to return to normal with more current generation products finding their way into the secondary market.


Market Pricing Is Going Up

Cisco, along with most other major Networking OEMs, are initiating price increases on current-generation hardware due to rising production costs attributed to inflation and heightened demand. As a result, consumers should anticipate elevated upfront expenses when investing in server, storage, and networking equipment due to these ongoing economic shifts within the industry.


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