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Winning with Dell Certified Refurbished

Melissa Scheidel

20 June, 2023

Are you a Dell Partner? Have you heard of the Dell Certified Refurbished Channel? If not, then let me introduce you! Dell Certified Refurbished is a great play when you’re facing long lead times on new equipment, you don’t win the deal reg, or your customer just needs to save some money!


What is Dell Certified Refurbished?

Dell Certified Refurbished is a like-new offering from Dell. This product goes through an exhaustive remanufacturing process by Dell to bring it as close to new as possible. It comes with the same manufacturer-backed warranty as new equipment with options to upgrade to any level of support you need. It even comes in the same great packaging! In addition, V3 can build to the exact specifications you need and reports to Dell exactly how it was built so there are no lapses in warranty.




Top 4 Reasons V3 Customers Love Dell Certified Refurbished:


High-Quality & Authenticity

Dell puts this product through an exhaustive remanufacturing process, getting it as close to like-new condition as possible.


Configuration Updates

The config on every server that goes out the door is updated through Dell, to ensure there is no lapse in warranty.



V3 is a sales-out partner, meaning that we can ensure that your Dell Rep will get credit for the sale.


Same Warranty as New

Dell Certified Refurbished comes with the same 5 Year Basic Warranty as new, with options to upgrade to any level of ProSupport you might need.




What Equipment is Available?

From Dell PowerEdge R250’s to R940's and everything in between, V3 is able to help with any 14Gen or 15Gen product.


V3 Distribution is incredibly fortunate to be one of the best in the Dell Certified Refurbished space. With millions of dollars of on-hand inventory in our Grand Rapids warehouse, we can custom configure any server to your customers’ exact specifications - all in a matter of days!


Let us help you win more deals with Dell Certified Refurbished!

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