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Come See V3 at the 2021 ITAD Summit!

V3 Distribution

10 August, 2021

Swing by our booth (Booth #C7) and say hi at the 2021 ITAD Summit at the Hyatt Regency - Huntington Beach, California, August 18-19!

Three Reasons to Stop by Our Booth:

  1. We have fun swag! (Do you really need any more reasons? 😊 okay fine, we’ll give you a couple more)
  2. We can help you turn your unwanted IT assets into cash
  3. Discover the V3 advantage - why companies large and small choose to partner with V3 exclusively for ITAD

Not sure what “ITAD” means?

“ITAD” stands for Information Technology Asset Disposition (Yeah, we prefer the abbreviated version too!). To put it in simple terms, “ITAD” encompasses the process of everything that happens to IT hardware assets when a company decides to upgrade and/or get rid of that equipment. When this happens, there are a few questions to consider:

  • Is the hardware still relevant and does it have a resale value?
  • Is the hardware a high value, niche market product?
  • Is the hardware old, damaged, or altogether irrelevant? No matter your response, V3 can help! Whether it be cash offers for current hardware, a consignment approach for niche items, or environmentally responsible recycling for old equipment, we can help you put together a game plan to help you stay relevant when it comes to your technology investments. Even if you aren’t attending the summit, we promise it will be worth your time to reach out.

ITAD Summit

The ITAD SUMMIT 2021 brings together more than 700 professionals focusing on the IT asset disposition sector. From mobility to enterprise experts, participants include IT resellers, brokers, electronic-recyclers, and ITAD professionals engaged across the IT equipment ecosystem to collaborate on best practices, enhance procurement opportunities and discuss the latest industry trends.

Can’t Wait? Need to offload your used IT gear now? Contact us today!