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HPE Genuine Replacement Parts

As a Platinum HPE Replacement Parts Distributor, V3 Distribution is authorized to distribute and resell Certified HPE Genuine Replacement Parts throughout the United States. We also sell HPE’s entire line of servers, storage, and networking equipment – from whole systems with complex configurations down to the individual components.

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About HPE Replacement Parts

All replacement parts are guaranteed HPE Functional Equivalent. These components have the exact same form, fit, function, and compliance equivalence as the original HPE option number.

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All HPE Replacement Parts

  • Are certified by HPE and eligible for HPE installation and maintenance

  • Have a one-year HPE warranty

  • Come complete per bill-of-material including cables, trays and carriers

  • Comply with HPE Business Partner and customer sourcing guidelines

Make Sure Your HPE Parts Are Genuine

Protect your HPE systems by making sure you use only genuine HPE Replacement Parts. Start by sourcing your parts from an authorized HPE Replacement Parts Distributor, like V3 Distribution. Beyond that, there are things you can check to verify authenticity. For example, with HDDs you can check whether the drives are packaged in an individual cardboard carton with a tamper-evident seal. Once you open it up, the drive should be in an anti-static bag with a warning label and packaged in Styrofoam or a thermal-form – never bubble wrap. The drive should have a security label on it, which you can check on the HPE Validate app.


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HPE Partner of the Year

V3 Distribution has been named HPE Partner of the Year for our Replacement Parts business. We stock millions of dollars of HPE's most popular systems and SKUs so that we can deliver the parts you need, when you need them.

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