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HPE Renew

HPE Renew products are officially reconditioned by HPE and offer the same comprehensive portfolio as new at a lower price point. HPE Renew products are handled by a select group of specialty distributors who have the technical and logistical resources to support HPE's supply chain strategy as well as its thousands of channel partners and customers who depend on it.

V3 has the goods, the cost savings, and the partnership to offer you the best equipment for the lowest price!


About HPE Renew

HPE Renew equipment is fully restored to like-new standards by HPE. The remanufacturing process involves disassembling and cleaning the products, reassembling with genuine HPE parts, quality checks, and inspection. The warranty is reset and features the same service, software features, and support options as new equipment. If you have a tight budget or specific technology requirements, but still want like-new manufacturer warrantied equipment, HPE Renew is your low-cost, high-quality solution.

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All HPE Renew Products

  • Same-as-new HPE warranty

  • Undergo a complete remanufacturing and testing process, bringing them to HPE Certified Quality

  • Offers latest and greatest technology as well as older generation equipment

  • Reducing waste, with an ECO-Friendly mentality of re-using rather than throwing away

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Renew Portfolio

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Where Do HPE Renew Products Come From?

More than 80% of HPE Renew equipment is less than a year old. Often the latest generation of technology is available through the HPE Renew program shortly after its introduction. HPE Renew products are sourced from demo, trial, and loaner equipment as well as customer returns, canceled orders, overstocks, and trade-in programs.



Backed by HPE, Aruba is a powerful networking platform used for Wi-Fi, switching, wired and wireless LAN access, and SD-WAN infrastructure. Aruba is an adaptive network that secures and delivers a high-performance IT infrastructure that some of the world’s largest companies utilize every day (think Disney, U.S Dept. of Defense, Dropbox). V3 offers the complete HPE Aruba product suite and can help get you set up today.

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V3 Becomes Newest HPE Renew Distributor

It is rare for a reseller to obtain HPE Renew distributorship, and it’s a great compliment to have been added into the program. This validates our decades-long commitment to HPE and will allow us to better serve the needs of our HPE channel partners.

"When you add HPE Renew to our existing Replacement Parts Business, our Cisco Excess relationship, and our Dell Certified Refurbished distributorship, you now have the only technology distributor in the United States with every major specialty OEM program there is."

-Melissa Scheidel, Director of Sales.